Lobsta comes wid’ da’ d*ck

Monday, March 24, 2008


A blogging bladouw truly worthy of exploration on a most controversial but seeringly relevant topic. That being of course; dating. The HUNT, the chasing and grabbing (when allowed). Some cultures would dub it, “muy divertido” yet others would say its “very exciting”. Much like that analogy.. from either perspective it leads to a singular logically conclusion: Sh*t costs MONey! So what then are the rules of the game? The joust, if you will. Well, that’s just it. If you are successful it will have indeed been a joust with the male doing the poking & prodding, unless things get kinky. If unsuccessful however, your almighty bank account will lie in ruins. Smashed armor, broken shield, aching back, bruised side and all. A lofty spill off the horse of jolly kicks. Point being; if one takes a girl out, to a nice enough place – nothing snazzy, no one we know is an illuminati with more money than God, so we’re talking simple yet tasteful and chill, and your date orders an overtly expensive item* let’s sidebar here, by item it is meant ANYTHING on the menu, save for appetizers, that is particularly expensive, inclusive of drinks* it is a clear declaration by all that is sacred in the rules of tactical dating that your peepee will feel or be felt by body parts other than your own hands. And so it is written, Chapter 60 verse 9 in the book of Acts of Dating.

One Response to “Lobsta comes wid’ da’ d*ck”

  1. CRAP-MAN Says:

    Solution: find yourself a nice girl from a third world country. They are usually hot, fit, and easily charmed, or shall we say “easily tickled”. No more wining and dining some pretentious princess who thinks you owe her something due to her MA or NYC earning potential.

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