Big Bro Speeding at Cha’

Blog Me? BLOG YOU!

ANGRHEY! Is what we should all be. I ain’t talking because of traffic, the rain, or because you stubbed your toe. I’m talking about the world we live in and the prison planet its becoming. By the way, G.Dubbya B, you are definitely one the S.O.B.’s to blame and consider that official presidential business. Everywhere you go and everything you do is restricted. I can’t post simple blogs without them being sanctioned or “reviewed”. WTF is this? Exactly what is so offensive about my blogging a and b, what the BLANK gives these clowns the right to even sensor it? What are they, the Fed reserve? Listen to me, you Eblogger Basses, STAY OUtTA my intellectual neighbahood, you understand that? undastand that? Cuz’ its the only time I’m telling you. Just shut your fach, and be glad I’m using your punk site to being with. Maybe that’s what’s missing from the E-universe, E-battling, so I could roll up up on E-blog sentinels and lop their blanking heads off where they stand. Ah, the middle ages were a better day. Ok. maybe not so much but man, wouldn’t it be great to lop a head or two off with ruthless impunity. Watch, I’ll probably go to the e-clink for that one. Accordingly, let me issue the following disclaimer to the E-sentinels looming over my web shoulder: it’s a JOKE you mo’s!
Menacing basses. Bad enough 9-11 turned our world up side down so you can’t phyiscally go through a single day with some sort of “security” presence sufficating you, now your freedoms are limited even in the con-cockbass-ed world of blog-o-sphering. I think I’m going to put a down payment on one of those gattlingun wielding battle droids from the matrix part tres. Sure I can’t afford it but, #1 when has that stopped anyone, and #2 what’s the difference? As long as there’s a “sign & shoot” sales event going on at the local dealership, I’ll foot part of the payment until Bernake bails me out too. Oh wait, I forgot, that’s only for big businesses that were suppossed to go out of business anyway and not to real live people who would actually need it for necessasities such as gatlingun battle droids to take out E-blog sentinels.
In the words of Melly B from S-balls: “whadda world, whadda world, whadda woooorld”

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